Your name is NEPETA LEIJON, you are eighteen years old and currently living in NEW YORK. You are almost constantly glazed with a fine coating of CAT HAIR due to he fact that you work for the ASPCA. You love cats...NO REALLY, you LOVE cats. You want them on your BED, in a BASKET and on a RAINBOW. You wish that you could hug them all, but that's SILLY so you give the ones at your shelter LOTS OF LOVE and CARE, in hopes that at least some of the cats in the world can have a good life. You live with your BEST PAL, Equius in a Railroad style flat just a few blocks from where you work. Equius is just a friend as far as you know, sometimes you get frustrated with him because you catch him feeding your cats at home PEOPLE FOOD, which is a NO NO in your book! You maybe perhaps have your little spying eye on a certain TIRED looking boy, but he rarely comes in to the CAFE by the ASPCA or is busy with his friend with the WEIRD FACEPAINT. Oh well! You can't complain, because really...Life is just PURRRFECT!

* 4 Chords Nepeta is Emily Hu's.

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     You are currently covered in kittens, to be specific a whole box full of kittens. Is this some kind of heaven you’ve just wandered elbow deep into? It sure feels like it with the soft little nose of the precious little things pressing up against you as they crawl over each other fighting for attention. You’ve already acquire several small scratches on your hands and arms from the darlings but you hardly notice that sort of thing anymore— something that makes Equius particularly fussy over you when you come home. Oh well, you just can’t help it~. This brand new litter was found abandoned nearby roadside and you’re already looking forward to getting them fed, warm, and soon safe with their own families. Maybe even taking home yourself the one disgruntled black kitten with the warm-mahogany (almost red) colored eyes! You knew you had quite enough cats at home to watch over and that Equius always gave you that disapproving-but-not-quite weary look when you brought another home…

You broke the fourth string on your guitar this morning. Straight away after doing a little tuning while sitting on your bed you picked the first riff of Heart’s ‘Crazy on You’ and SNAP. Shit’s dangerous…You can literally take your eye out with that kind of accident, however you were lucky enough to just get a thin line of a welt on the top of your hand. Still, ow.

Any practice you were intending on doing has been completely suspended until you fix that single fuckin’ string. It took some breathing exercises to calm yourself down and stop yourself from literally throwing your guitar. You weren’t planning on even going out today, polka dot Pyjama bottoms slung low on your hips and hair mussed beyond bedhead…Hibernation head.

It takes a bowl and a bowl of cereal before you’re dressed and out the door, face paint, denim and hair up in a baby ponytail.

Fucking hell it’s hot out, as soon as you step over the threshold your skin is dewed and sticky from the humidity of summer in New York. You catch the lift, pushing a sweat-damp piece of hair behind your ear. The music supply store is a short walk away (just past that cafe that Kar likes.) and you’re thankful for that because your v-neck is already glued to you.  With enough money in your pocket you get moving.

It’s not long before you pass the cafe, your eyes drift over the back of a pretty black-haired girl’s head who’s sitting in the window. She’s drinking a godknowswhat flavor of over-priced laté, from what you can tell. You can also see that she’s sipping carefully to avoid getting a nose full of foam.

Jesus, you’re high.

Before you know it you’re three quarters of the way there, moseying a lot slower than you think.  You’ve been watching your feet and your attention gets mildly throttled when the glare off another storefront window piques your line of sight. At first you think it’s your reflection, but you don’t have big. Green Eyes. You know this girl… You think. A wry smile cracks your face because that’s not your line. Karkat knows her (again you think).

You give a little wave.

“O-oh.” All of the sudden you’re more than aware of the awkward situation you’ve put yourself in and you flush nervously as the boy waves at you. Your eyes dart away for a second but then you decide this is just a purrfect opportunity presenting itself! Muffling up your courage, you excuse yourself from the shelter for just a ‘few minutes longerrr’ (much to the disapproval of your co-worker) and stride into the heat of the day to meet the boy face to face. “Hi! Uhm we haven’t met before, but I’ve seen you around lots before around here or at the cafe…” Oh, was that creepy uhh… Well, too late to back out now! “That is, I’ve been wondering if you or maybe that tired-looking boy you’re always with, would be interested in a adopting a kitten! I know you guys have never stopped by the shelter before, but we just got some really nice new kittens in a-and…”

 You were rambling as you often did and just now you realized you had brought up the other boy far too soon to be appropriate. Dumb Nep! This dude was going to think you were some weirdo yourself and then tell the tired boy and he’d never want to adopt a kitten from you and… It seemed that he really couldn’t care less about your rambling. You suddenly notice a slightly familiar smell emanating from the boy and his friendly demeanor makes a little more sense… Oh geez, oh well… You weren’t going to let something like that dissuaded you!

Instead, the social norm of society and how you’re supposed to interact with people when meeting them for the first time suddenly reared its head. Actually, normally, you’re not supposed to force people into meeting you in the first place… You were bad at this normal behavioral thing, still you tried your best. “Anyyyways, my name is Nepeta. May I ask for yours..?”

You were starting to really feel unsure about this encounter you threw yourself into. You kinda didn’t want to actually give the guy time to answer any of your questions now. Maybe this was what Equius meant when he said you often didn’t think much before acting, instead following your initial feelings and thoughts… They just always seemed so good when you first thought them! But here you were standing on the sidewalk, in the heat, talking to (and most likely bothering) a stranger… again. Purrhaps you were more than bad at this heheh…“You know what? You’re actually probably heading somewhere right? Actually, just forget everything about this encounter! Especially the part about me asking about your friend, eek! I’m sorry if I got in your way!”

You actually squeaked when you realized what, or rather who you brought up again as you began to back away towards the shelter. There was a reason you mostly associated yourself with cats and you were fine with that! Completely fine haha! Ha… You would be okay with this and the hole you just presently dug yourself into while this odd stranger watched in 5 minutes. 10 minutes tops if the cats were being particularly fussy when you got back. You were okay with just having to watch the boy you had been admiring from afar. Life was just like that sometimes! Even if sometimes you wished it wasn’t.

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