Your name is NEPETA LEIJON, you are eighteen years old and currently living in NEW YORK. You are almost constantly glazed with a fine coating of CAT HAIR due to he fact that you work for the ASPCA. You love cats...NO REALLY, you LOVE cats. You want them on your BED, in a BASKET and on a RAINBOW. You wish that you could hug them all, but that's SILLY so you give the ones at your shelter LOTS OF LOVE and CARE, in hopes that at least some of the cats in the world can have a good life. You live with your BEST PAL, Equius in a Railroad style flat just a few blocks from where you work. Equius is just a friend as far as you know, sometimes you get frustrated with him because you catch him feeding your cats at home PEOPLE FOOD, which is a NO NO in your book! You maybe perhaps have your little spying eye on a certain TIRED looking boy, but he rarely comes in to the CAFE by the ASPCA or is busy with his friend with the WEIRD FACEPAINT. Oh well! You can't complain, because really...Life is just PURRRFECT!

* 4 Chords Nepeta is Emily Hu's.

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     You are currently covered in kittens, to be specific a whole box full of kittens. Is this some kind of heaven you’ve just wandered elbow deep into? It sure feels like it with the soft little nose of the precious little things pressing up against you as they crawl over each other fighting for attention. You’ve already acquire several small scratches on your hands and arms from the darlings but you hardly notice that sort of thing anymore— something that makes Equius particularly fussy over you when you come home. Oh well, you just can’t help it~. This brand new litter was found abandoned nearby roadside and you’re already looking forward to getting them fed, warm, and soon safe with their own families. Maybe even taking home yourself the one disgruntled black kitten with the warm-mahogany (almost red) colored eyes! You knew you had quite enough cats at home to watch over and that Equius always gave you that disapproving-but-not-quite weary look when you brought another home…

     But still, the kitten reminds you of the cute sleepy boy who you never see enough to your liking… but purrhaps this time you’ll be able to find a home for one of these adorable fella’s with the boy himself! Then maybe he would come in more often to ask your opinion on how he should be raising the kitten properly and other stuff like that! Sigh… You could only hope. The boy always seemed very indifferent to the idea of adopting a cat when you saw him at the cafe next door. You often stopped by trying to get people to come visit ASPCA and find new homes for the cats you worked with. Of course you would mention the dogs too… but you were far more interested in the felines and that was your specialty at work~!

     The thought though… that someone would just leave these defenseless, ADORABLE, cuties behind on some side of the road to be harmed or worst… dampened your mood. The person who abandoned them could of just brought the babies here if they didn’t want to bother with taking care of them! You really didn’t understand how people could be so dispassionate sometimes… But! you quickly cheered up at the thought that you would just have to do your best to find these kittens the most loving homes you could! Gently examining the kittens for any obvious injuries you nimbly picked up the box from the front counter to bring to the to the back for further examination.

     Just as you were about to turn and be on your way though! A certain familar face-painted individual caught your attention out of the corner of your eye just about to pass by the building! Excited now, you quickly placed the kittens into the care of a startled co-worker coming out of the back room. “I’ll be right back, kitties!” Before the person could protest you were already at the front of the building again, peering out of one of the large windows and (in what could be considered a rude manner) obviously staring expectantly at and around the boy. Usually! Whenever you saw this weird dude! You almost always saw the tired boy nearby! They were good friends, you could tell for sure~. So you always made a point of taking the time to scope the scene out when that dude was nearby for the other boy you were a little more than fond of. “OH GEEZ, where is he? I haven’t seen him this week at all! Not even a passing glance!”

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